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Bullmastiffs Available for Adoption
to Qualified Homes

Click here if you are looking for a Bullmastiff puppy.

If you cannot accommodate having a Bullmastiff live in the house with you 100% of the time - you do not qualify for a Rescued Bullmastiff.  Bullmastiffs are not yard dogs and should not be kept as such.

If you are just looking for a Bullmastiff as a pet to love, consider going through a Bullmastiff Rescue Organization. Why? Check out the comparison chart on the advantages and disadvantages of adopting a Bullmastiff from Bullmastiff Rescue or from a Bullmastiff Breeder:

Bullmastiff Rescue

(all quality dogs and of all ages)

Bullmastiff Breeder

(pet quality puppies only)

Adoption donation: usually between $150 - $300 US dollars Average price: $600 - $1300 US dollars
Click here for live Puppy Price Consumers' Survey Results
Spay and/or Neuter included in adoption fee Spay and/or Neuter will be done at the pet owner’s expense
Basic housetraining and obedience training usually introduced through foster care. All housetraining and obedience training up to new owner
Lifetime Bullmastiff support from ALL of the Bullmastiff Rescue volunteers within the organization If you find a good breeder – you will have support.

If you do not – you are on your own

Contract stating that should you not be able to care for the Bullmastiff any longer – the door is always open for you to bring them back Some breeders can take their dogs back or help you place them.

With others – all sales are final, the Bullem is now your own problem.

Do not have to worry as to whom you get your Bullmastiff from. With the amount of money you are going to have to spend, you will need to interview several different breeders and compare between them to make sure you find the right breeder that fits your ideals, etc.
Ages usually available are around 2-5 years old  - just in case you want a Bullem just out of the puppy chewing stage. Puppies are always available, adults are available occasionally.
Less time to wait to adopt a Bullem Will depend on the breeder you choose as to when the next litter will come.

If you are looking for a Bullmastiff to show or to breed, then a Bullmastiff Breeder is the most logical choice. But, if you are looking for a Bullmastiff to be a home companion, Bullmastiff Rescue would sure save you a lot of trouble and a lot of money. After all, a Bullmastiff is a Bullmastiff no matter where they came from. They all look the same, they all develop the same health problems, and they all have that Bullmastiff personality everyone loves so much.

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