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Welcome to the Bullmastiff Rescue Volunteer Workshop - the ultimate on-line rescue help center for Bullmastiff Rescue Volunteers!  If you do Bullmastiff Rescue and have information that would be valuable to the rest of our volunteers, please submit it to this website so that it can get it posted.  When we share our experiences as individuals - we become stronger as a team. 

Post a Rescue To This Website - post your Bullmastiff or Bullmastiff mix Rescue to this website for helping in placement (for recognized Rescue Groups, Volunteers, and Shelters only).

Bullmastiff Rescue Library - consists of articles written by other Bullmastiff Rescuers that we can learn from, books on doing Rescue, promotional flyers to promote your group, advertisements to place in your paper to promote your group, adoption documents your group can use, and so much more!

Find an Adopter Bulletin Boards - consists of dog seekers that may be looking for a Bullmastiff, but are not aware that they can attain a Bullmastiff from a Rescue Group.

Foster Care Volunteers - apply online to become a Bullmastiff Rescue rehabilitation station!

Freebie/Coupon Zone - links to businesses that have online coupons you can print out and use to save money.

Home Visit Volunteers - list of volunteers that do not foster Bullmastiffs, but are willing to do a home visit in their respective areas.

Lawyers and Legal Advice - links to online law firms that may specialize in animal laws.

Locate Owner/Breeder of Found Bullmastiff - links to contacting owners of lost Bullmastiffs.

Post a Rescue Bulletin Board - links to posting your Rescued Bullmastiff at other Rescue Listing website.

Puppymill/Rescue Group Investigation - links to animal groups whose sole purpose is to investigate and expose puppymills reported to them.

Shelter Investigator Volunteers - list of volunteers that do not foster Bullmastiffs, but are willing to visit a shelter or home to give physical confirmation of a Bullmastiff in need of Rescue.

Shelter Listings in the United States - locate a shelter throughout the United States.

Taxes and Donation Groups - links to how to become a nonprofit organization and soliciting groups that specialize in donating to rescue groups.

Transportation Help and Volunteers - links to transportation services and list of volunteers that are willing to help transport a Bullmastiff.


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