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Lost/Found Bullmastiffs

List Your Rescue Individually

Rescuers - Please be courteous when posting your rescue on another person's or organization's website.  Webspace is NOT free!  Hence, it is a tremendous courtesy for any website to offer you free space in which to help you find potentially good homes for your rescued Bullmastiff.  As soon as your rescued Bullmastiff is adopted - notify all of the websites where he/she is posted immediately so that they can make room for the next rescue listing.  If you fail to do so - you may lose you privileges of posting your future rescues on the site for free - if at all, you may be preventing another needy rescuer from posting because there isn't any free webspace available, and/or you may ultimately be the last straw and the webmaster may decide to no longer allow the posting of individual rescues on their site again.  There is truth to - Abuse It, You Lose It....

Potential Homes Looking to Adopt a Rescued Bullmastiff

Hey - not everyone is Internet literate and sometimes people post the first place that 's easiest.  These links can potentially help you find the perfect family for your rescue!  If you happen to be surfing - drop by one of these sites and do a word search on "bullmastiff" - you may be surprised as to what you may find!

Promote Your Group's Organization

Attention Rescue Groups!  Signing up with the above websites will give your rescue group more exposure, a FREE spot to post your rescues, make potential adopters easier to find you because you become part of an on-line search database ... AND these websites run specials where if you sign up and post your rescues with them regularly for a year - the website will DONATE money to YOUR organization!  ArfDigita just finished their special where they were giving away $2000 - NO STRINGS - just post your rescues with their site for a year.  Now - how could you pass up an opportunity like that???

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