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Investigative Groups

If you get a rescued Bullmastiff in that has been abused or neglected, please take the extra step and report the previous owners to an animal protection agency.  If you have a personal encounter with a questionable Rescue group/volunteer - report it!  If you are having problems getting results on questionable breeders, brokers, pet stores, etc. from your Bullmastiff club - report it to an outside entity that is sure to get results legally!  If you don't report the incident - it will happen again to another animal - possibly another Bullmastiff!  Let's stop the cycle of repeat offenders and get these people prosecuted! 

Lawyers / Legal Advice

  • Animal Legal Defense Fund - excellent resource for finding out legal issues regarding breach in contracts, animal abuse, and more!
  • Defenders of Animals - they offer financial assistance for vet bills, reduced spay/neutering, legal assistance, and more!
  • Animal Law - links to law offices for animal lawyers

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